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Jonas Josefsson

Jonas Josefsson
Jonas Josefsson is a postdoctoral researcher interested in conservation biology, sustainable agriculture, farmland biodiversity, agri-environment schemes, social psychology, landscape ecology. Contact info: E-mail: Phone: +46 (0)703752366


My research aims to increase our knowledge regarding i) patterns of biodiversity change in farmland, why these changes are occuring, ii) the effectiveness of current agri-environmental policy in Europe in reversing biodiversity declines. In order to inform policy regarding how to best design future agri-environmental schemes to enhance not only biodiversity, but also farmers’ motivations to engage in environmentally friendly farming, I also study motivational factors determining farmers’ willingness to perform conservation measures.


I currently work in three projects:

Integrating people for the 2020 biodiversity target

In this project we i) investigate the links between agricultural biodiversity, farmers’ attitudes towards nature conservation, farming practices and landscape structure, ii) study the relationships of farmers ‘attitudes and willingness to perform conservation measures change when using a “hands-on” protocol of bird inventories linked to advisory encounters with local farmers and (3) develop cost-effective and viable conservation measures that both enhance farmland bird biodiversity and farmers’ voluntary willingness to implement these measures. It is only by having farmer acceptance of biodiversity conservation we can turn the 2020 biodiversity policy target into reality in Swedish agricultural landscapes.


SR8 Impacts of vegetated strips in and around agricultural fields

Vegetated strips (permanently vegetated land within or around agricultural fields) are used to reduce the impacts of intensive farming activities in a variety of ways: for example, by providing habitats for organisms, and by intercepting pesticides and nutrients as they leave fields in surface and ground water. A large volume of research exists regarding the use and efficacy of vegetated strips, and in 2015 EviEM began a systematic map on the topic.


Spatial indicators of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes

Project within SLU's Environmental assessment to develop indicators of biodiversity using GIS.

Selected publications

Postdoctor at the Department of Ecology; Agricultural Entomology Unit
Telephone: 018-672372
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala