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Jonas Josefsson

Jonas Josefsson is a postdoctoral researcher interested in conservation biology, sustainable agriculture, farmland biodiversity, agri-environment schemes, social psychology, landscape ecology. Contact info: E-mail: Phone: +46 (0)703752366


My research aims to increase our knowledge regarding i) patterns of biodiversity change in farmland, why these changes are occuring, ii) the effectiveness of current agri-environmental policy in Europe in reversing biodiversity declines. In order to inform policy regarding how to best design future agri-environmental schemes to enhance not only biodiversity, but also farmers’ motivations to engage in environmentally friendly farming, I also study motivational factors determining farmers’ willingness to perform conservation measures.


I currently work in the project:

Systematising ecological knowledge to optimise Ecological Compensation for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Ecological Compensation is put forward as an important approach to minimise the future loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Ecological Compensation can be defined as activities conducted to create, enhance or restore habitats to preserve focal species or features of ecosystems that are destroyed or degraded through exploitation projects elsewhere. For Ecological Compensation to be an efficient tool in biodiversity conservation, it needs to be built on solid ecological knowledge. In two parallel projects we are synthesising the knowledge on how Ecological Compensation can minimise the negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Selected publications