CV page

Bianka Csitari

Environmental scientist conducting laboratory and field work as a research assistant in project LIFEPLAN.


As a part of my master’s and PhD program I worked at the Department of Microbiology (ELTE, Hungary). Between 2018-2020 I was a research assistant at Uppsala University, Department of Ecology and Genetics/Limnology. I have gained experience with a wide array of molecular and microbiological techniques. Including cultivation and isolation of bacterial and fungal strains, different DNA and RNA extraction methods, PCR, quantitative PCR, sample preparation for DNA and RNA sequencing, functional activity measurements of microbial communities, among others. Since 2020 I am part of the LIFEPLAN Uppsala team.


Recent projects:

-LIFEPLAN project

-Nitrogen and carbon cycle of soda lakes

-SITES Aquanet: mesocosm experiments

-Influence of diel cycles on the microbial and biogeochemical processes of boreal lakes

-Microbial community coalescence experiment


Bachelor’s and master’s degree in Environmental science (2010-2016). PhD studies in Microbiology (2016-2020).