Native Trees and Pollinators: The ecological consequences of non-native trees in cities

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Landscape Management Subject Group invites you to an open lecture with Johan Kjellberg Jensen, PhD student in Evolutionary Ecology, at Department of Biology & Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, Lund University.

Non-native, also known as exotic, plants are prominent in cities world-wide. These plants, especially trees, are popular due to aesthetics and have been advocated in city planning for qualities such as heat tolerance. However, the origin of plants can have serious negative impacts on the local ecosystem.

In this talk we explore the ecological consequences of tree species choice in urban areas based on recent research on invertebrates and birds in Sweden. 


Read more about Johan Kjellberg Jensen's research on his presentation webpage 


Time: 2022-05-04 13:00 - 14:30
City: Uppsala
Organiser: Division of Landscape Arhitecture