Almedalsveckan, Visby

What suffice the forest for? 1:30 pm

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Claims on the forest as a resource in the climate setting are becoming increasingly pronounced. The forest will provide air and vehicle fuel, building materials, paper, clothing and chemicals, but also biodiversity and outdoor life. What is the forest for and whose responsibility is to make sure that it is enough?

Visions of the fossil-free Sweden begin to take shape and it is clear that the bio raw material will play an important role.
All that can be made out of oil can be made out of wood, but the forest is not an endless resource. Climate change means uncertainty about the availability of forest in the future. Will the forest at our latitudes grow better or will it be more affected by storms and diseases?

At the same time, many demands rises on conserving more forests for biodiversity, and many see a great value in urban forests where stressed urban residents and asphalt children can connect to nature.

SLU Future Forests presents research and discusses what the forest can do. And who is responsible for that we will have enough forests? Do we need new instruments and incentives or is it enough for the market control? Have we come to a time where difficult priorities must be made?

Time: 2018-07-03 13:30 - 15:30
City: Visby
Location: Almedalsveckan
Organiser: SLU Future Forests
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Uppsala University, F building, Hall F14, Skeppsbron 24.

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