Climate adaptation for bio-based development in low-income countries

SLU has a range of research and capacity building activities to develop agriculture sector in low income countries. SLU Global, coordinating and supporting these activities, includes now a new theme that will emphasize the climate adaptation for bio-based development. Strategies and actions for climate adaptation and bio-based development are central in the endeavour for food security, poverty alleviation and economic growth. Adaptation needs a transformation of agricultural systems to be more productive, less vulnerable to climate variability, extreme weather events at the same time it needs a transformation that reduces carbon footprint.

This theme accommodates multidisciplinary research in three major main lines:

  • Knowledge gaps for assessing vulnerability and adaptation
  • Agriculture and sustainable management of land, water and biodiversity- potential and limitation for adapting production systems
  • Adaptation processes which are conditions for development and dissemination of knowledge

More information about the theme 

To strengthen the research activities within the above theme, we are planning a workshop to find synergies, new collaborations and deepen our understanding about climate adaptation for bio-based development.

Date: 25 April 2017 
Place: Ultuna campus in Uppsala. 

Time: 2017-04-25 -
City: Uppsala
Additional info:

Before the workshop we would like to know more about who is currently working at SLU (or want to work) on climate adaptation related issues in agriculture sector of low income countries. We are therefore kindly asking you to fill this survey with information on your eventual activities, give us your contacts and indicate whether you are interested in participating to the coming workshops and other joint activities.

Please send the filled form to libere.nkurunziza@slu.se and you will be put on a sending list for coming communications.

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