Before lunch, aulan, Ultuna, Uppsala + video conference

A world class doctoral education – how do we get there?

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A dialogue in many shapes where the perspective of doctoral students, supervisors, deans, governmental authorities, external partners etc. are communicated and discussed.

Who should participate?

Doctoral students, supervisors, directors of doctoral studies, research school coordinators, deans, vice deans, doctoral education administrators, i.e. anybody involved in doctoral education.


Time, presentation, who

9.00-9.10 Introduction. Facilitator Ann Grubbström 

9.10-9.50 Key note presentation (including discussion): Performance expectations in the education resulting in quality standards for the thesis – experiences from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Reseracher and adviser on PhD education Gab van Winkel, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

9.50-10.10 How do supervisor and doctoral student together evaluate the student’s ability to fulfill the learning outcomes? Principal supervisor Björn Vinnerås and doctoral student Jenna Senecal

10.10-10.20 Is the public defence of a thesis an examination or a show? Director of Doctoral Studies (VH-faculty) Jan Hultgren

10.20-11.10 Group discussions (including coffee break)

11.10-11.30 How do supervisor and doctoral student together evaluate the student’s ability to fulfill the learning outcomes? Principal supervisor Stefan Gunnarsson and doctoral student Torun Wallgren

11.30-11.40 A doctoral student’s perspective. Doctoral student Maria Karlsson

11.40-11.50 What is real quality in doctoral programmes – is it possible to measure it? Vice-Chancellor Peter Högberg

11.50–12.00 Concluding remarks and information about the afternoon programmes. Facilitator Ann Grubbström

13.00-16.00 After lunch, Alnarp and Ultuna have their own programmes. Umeå had a PhD Day in Umeå on September 28th.

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Time: 2017-11-23 09:00 - 16:00
City: Uppsala + video conference
Location: Before lunch, aulan, Ultuna
Organiser: Council for PhD education (FUR)
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