Invitation to meetings about the faculty's organization

Last changed: 20 December 2022

Welcome to the information meeting on January 11 at 14 (Swedish) or 15 (English). The meeting is the starting point for the previously announced review we need to make before deciding how the faculty will be organized from January 1, 2024. We will present three possible scenarios that are intended to serve as a starting point for future workshops. Note that these scenarios do not preclude other suggestions. The same presentation will be given on both occasions, but in different languages. The meetings take place in Zoom and will last one hour. The meetings will be recorded. The invitation will arrive in your inbox shortly.

The next step is workshops with department heads, subject managers, program study directors, UDS clinic managers and safety representatives. The work will result in a proposal that will be presented to all employees via three digital workshops on March 1 and 3. These workshops aim to obtain additional details of hopes, concerns, views, and suggestions with a focus on successful implementation.

With the refined proposal as a basis, the dean will make a focus decision, followed by risk and impact analysis (work environment issues). After MBL negotiations with employee organizations, a dean's decision will be made in June 2023 regarding the future organization of the faculty.


Kristina Jungnelius, Faculty Adminstrative Officer
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, SLU, +4618-67 16 87, +4670-203 33 14