Laura Henckel

Laura Henckel


Conciliate production and conservation in intensively managed ecosystems (like agricultural areas or forests) is become quite challenging as production and conservation constraints are often conflicting. But synergies can also be founded. To achieve this goal, large-scale studies are required in way to better understand population and community dynamics and the ecological processes involved. Linking theoretical approaches and empirical studies is also essential to develop models explaining the current dynamics and predicting their future trends.

The aim of my current project in the group of Tord Snäll is to model species distribution of forest bird species based on Citizen Science Data collected at the national scale. Cold-dwelling and specialist species are expected to be more vulnerable to global warming, with a higher risk of range contractions or extinctions. Beyond the species physiological constraints, indirect effect of climate change on habitats are expected. Thus I will investigate how climatic and habitat constraints impact on species distribution, and how climate change and forest management can modify habitat suitability (based on different scenarios). I will especially test to what extent suitable habitat management can counteract or mitigate the potential negative effects of climate change for some vulnerable species.

Before coming to ArtDatabanken, I did my PhD at the CEBC-CNRS (Centre of Biological Studies of Chize) and ISEM (Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier) in France. My PhD research focused on farmland bird structuration in space and time in response to agricultural intensification and landscape heterogeneity (as part of the European Biodiversa project “FarmLand” involving 8 study sites in Europe and Canada). Results demonstrate that the mechanisms that shape farmland bird communities strongly depend on landscape characteristics and reveals the importance of source-sink dynamics to maintain communities in such unstable and unpredictable habitat. We derive recommendations to achieve a trade-off production/conservation in “land sharing” approach, involving the preservation /restoration of crop diversity associated with the conservation of semi-natural habitats and less intensively managed areas which can constitute source areas of biodiversity.

Prior to my PhD I worked at the French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) for research support activities in biodiversity and environment (at national and UE level).

Publikationer i urval

Henckel L, Borger L, Meiss H, Gaba S, Bretagnolle V. 2015  Organic fields sustain weed metacommunity dynamics in farmland landscapes. Proc R Soc B Biol Sci, 282(1808):20150002–20150002.


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