Jeannette Eggers

Jeannette Eggers


Managing forests sustainably for the provision of multiple ecosystem services requires knowledge of how different management strategies affect ecosystem service provision and biodiversity. Sophisticated forest decision support systems exist that allow to project the development of the tree layer given a wide range of forest management options. However, it is not known whether the current (or projected future) quantities and spatial distribution of old-growth tree structures can maintain viable populations of associated species in the landscape. The key approach to achieve objectives on both biomass production and species persistence is the joint simulation of tree layer development and (meta)population dynamics.

At ArtDatabanken, I work with identifying forest management strategies that aim to achieve conflicting stakeholder objectives. These objectives include biomass production and a favourable conservation status of species. In the project, we combine Sweden’s most commonly used forest planning system with dynamic (meta)population models.

Before coming to ArtDatabanken, I did my PhD at the Department of Forest Resource Management at SLU. In my PhD project, I developed and evaluated long-term forest management scenarios at the landscape level, with special focus on modelling forest owner behaviour and on assessing the impact of forest management on economic, ecological and socio-cultural forest values. Prior to my PhD, I worked several years at the European Forest Institute, primarily with modelling the development of European forest resources under climate and land-use change, with assessments of potential biofuel resources in European forests and with impact assessment of European biofuel policy on biodiversity.

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