Emil Olsen

Emil Olsen
Neurologist and Equine Internist at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Uppsala (Universitetsdjursjukhuset)


Clinical Degrees:
American Specialist (Diplomate) in Large Animal Internal Medicine
European Specialist (Diplomate) in Equine Internal Medicine
Residency trained (ACVIM) in Neurology

Research Degree:
Ph.D.: Objective and Subjective Assessment of Equine Ataxia


A passion for evidence-based large animal internal medicine combined with experience in first-opinion and referral practice led to a Ph.D. funded by the University of Copenhagen, located in the acclaimed Royal Veterinary College’s Structure & Motion Lab followed by the clinical training of my dreams in 2013 as a large animal internal medicine Resident at Cornell University Hospital for Animals and from 2014 a dual residency in large animal internal medicine and medical (95% small animal) neurology.


Equine Internal Medicine
Small Animal Clinical Neurology
CE courses in Equine and Small Animal Neurology


Activity Monitoring in Dogs and Horses
Gait Analysis as a tool to assess changes in coordination in dogs and horses
Scale development
Agreement analysis for subjective diagnostic tests
Biomarkers for pain and inflammation



Methandledara på Ph.D. om aktivitetsmonitorering hos hundar

Publikationer i urval

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