Adriano Mazziotta


The multifunctional role of forests is widely recognized within science and policy. In the boreal biome the forest development is of great importance for humans and global biodiversity. For humans they provide provisioning, regulating, and cultural ecosystem services, from timber to climate regulation to recreation. For biodiversity they sustain large intact primary habitat. Forest management changes the structure of forests and impacts the provision of services and habitat and generates transient trade-offs among them across time. In this context my project studies the impact of management scenarios focused on development, climate regulation and conservation on the dynamics of ecosystem services.


At ArtDatabanken I develop models simulating the dynamics of multiple ecosystem services in the Swedish forest under impact scenarios of forest management and climate change. My research project evaluates whether biomass production, non-timber forest products and climate change mitigation are assured by different scenarios of forest use, and the synergies and trade-offs among them.


Before joining ArtDatabanken, I focused my PhD studies (2011-2014) on analysing forest ecosystem services in the Boreal Ecosystems Research Group at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). My main role was to reveal optimal combinations of management regimes maximizing forest suitability for biodiversity with given levels of economic returns. I also analyzed trade-offs between forest suitability for biodiversity indicators and ecosystem services (timber production, carbon sequestration, collectable goods).

Publikationer i urval

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