Panel Expert Reviewers

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Here you’ll find the Panel Report Template in Word format. The Panel Report Template will be accompanied with a file with notes, clarifying some of the terms used later in March. Under the Panel Areas tab you can easily see a list of the panel areas that are assessed. You’ll also find the Self-Assessment template in Word format, that the Units of Assessment (UoAs) used for their self-assessments.

Panel Report Template

Here are the questions that the expert reviewers in the panels will be asked to answer as a part of their evaluation of the UoA.

KoN2018_Panel Report Template.pdf

Panel areas

The panel areas are:

  • Agricultural and Horticultural Production
  • Animal Health
  • Animal Sciences
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology
  • Economics, Business and Management, Statistics
  • Forest Management
  • Genetics, Molecular Biology and Physiology
  • Molecular Sciences, Biomaterials and Technology
  • Nature and Society
  • Plant Protection
  • Soil and Environmental Sciences

Self-Assessment Template and Notes